The program of the festival:

The program of the XI Lida Bike Festival

Friday, 25 August

14 00 Arrival and accommodation of festival participants.

17.30 Opening of the festival.

17.40 Presentation gr. "Oira" (Rogachev)

18.30 Competition "Slow ride"

19.00 Performance gr. "Vorona (The Crow)" (Minsk)

19.50 Competition "Loudest growl"

20.10 Performance gr. "The Supperbulz" (Minsk)

21.00 Performance of Andrew Genser

21.20 Performance gr. "TT-34" (Gomel)

22.10 Competition "Perivale wheel"

22.30 Performance of gr. "Brutto&Lapis" (Minsk)

23.20 The Performance of Fire Show “Bazinga” (Lida)

23.30 Performance gr. "5'oclock" (Vitebsk)



  Saturday 26 August

10.00 Wake up!

12.00 Building for the parade

12.30 Departure of the column to the city

14.00 Departure of the column to the camp

16.00 Competition "best Custom" and the best airbrushes.

16.45 Opening of the second day of the festival

16.50 Performances gr. "KRNDSHS" (Minsk)

17.30 Competition "Burying of the motorcycle"

18.00 Presentation gr. "Oira" (Rogachev)

18.40 Competition "bike bowling"

19.00 Performance "BY-Effect" (Minsk)

19.50 "Auction in aid of the Lida social shelter"

20.10 Performance gr. "Dai Darogu" (Brest)

21.00 Raffle bike! Bambaluk of the motorcycle is filled with a year's supply of stew of Grodfud!

21.20 Performance gr. "Brigadniy Podr’ad (Team Contract)" (St.-Petersburg)

22.10 the Award winners in various categories

22.40 Performance gr. "Krambambulya" (Minsk)

23.30 Laser show

23.40 Performance gr. 


  Sunday August 27

10.00, cleaning

12.00 free field-kitchen, prepared with corned beef Grodfud - the Belarusian leader in the production of meat preservation.

13.00 departure of participants of the festival.


The second stage

Friday, 25 August

15.50 Grand opening of the Second scene.

16.00 Performance gr. "Zakon Guka" (Minsk)

16.40 Competition "Kick in the spokes"

17.00 Performance gr. ""

17.40 Contest "Flexible Biker"

18.00 Performance gr. ""

18.40 Competition "Quick beer"

19 00 Performance gr. "FOLCORE" (Minsk)

20.00 Competition arm wrestling


Saturday 26 August


11 50 The opening of the second day of the ad.

12.00 Performance gr. ""

12.40 The Contest "Smash the spokes"

13.00 Performance gr. ""

13.40 The Contest "The Best Anecdote"

14.00 Performance of gr. ""

14.40 "Karaoke" Competition

15.00 Performance gr. "" (Minsk)

15.40 The Contest "toss the motor"

16 00 Performance gr. "Radius 2.40" (Grodno)

16.40 The Competition "Stray kegs"

17 00 Performance gr. "Vse_CRAZY" (Minsk)

17.40 Competition arm wrestling female

18 00 Performance gr. "West Drive" (Minsk)

18.40 Competition "From Leova"

19.00 Speech gr. "Posledniy Pioner(The last pioneer)" (Saint Petersburg)

From 01.00 Disco at the Second Stage.


Sunday August 27


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